Creating an appointment leads to lot of duplicated entries

  • Hi,
    when I create an new entry in my calender and I click save the window stays open and WebApp doesn’t give any feedback. Closing the event editor leads to confirm question “losing data”. After comitting it there are 30 or more entries in my calender.

    Selecting them all in list view and click “delete” always deletes only on copy.

    It only happens in the main calendar folder, in a manual created calendar folder all is fine.

    All other user do not have this problem.

    We already run kopano-fsck on my store, doesnt helped.

    Hoping for your help.

  • Enviroment info:
    Kopano v8.5.9 @ Debian v8.10
    Kopano WebApp v3.4.15.1513+65.1

  • Now we did

    1. a kopano-backup of the concerned store
    2. unhooked it
    3. created a new one
    4. created an appointment in the calendar - without any problem
    5. restored the backup
    6. created another appointment - and the problem reappears

    Any ideas?

  • I can’t reproduce it. I doubleclick in my calender, fill out the form, hit Save and it saves and closes. (latest WebApp, can’t easily detect the version number)

    Can you reproduce the problem with

    1. DeskApp (is it a client or server problem?)
    2. another mail account (store problem?)
    3. another browser (Browser incompatibily, Plug-In problem?)
    4. another computer (any local problem?)
    5. with a mobile browser (bypass any web proxy)

    These questions were those I’d ask myself to track down the issue.

    And: did you check the log apache log and errorlog files, just to be sure?

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