Deleting appointments in WebApp is not propagated to Outlook

  • How to reproduce:
    create an appointment in OL365 using KOE 1.6.282, then delete it in WebApp. The delete is not forwarded back to Outlook.

    z-push log file can be found at

    The log has three events

    • creation of the appointment with OL/KOE (16:05:48)
    • deleten of the appointment with Webapp (16:06:28)
    • restart of OL

  • Kopano

    Hi Peter,

    there’s no deletion event being sent to Outlook. Do you have another client connected to that account (e.g. a mobile device) to confirm that the appointment was deleted?

    How have you deleted in Webapp? Right mouse click and selecting delete or clicking the wastebasket icon or something else?

    I was not able to reproduce this on my local system.


  • Manfred,

    I deleted the item by selecting it in WebApp, then right-click on it and select “delete”.

    When preparing log data, I stumbled upon an error message in the errorlog file: Mobile loop detected! After cleaning this up, the problem seems to be solved. It works now as expected. This seemed to be the problem. Lesson learnt: READ THE F… LOG FILES, STUPID CLIENT!

    Mark this issue as solved, please, and accept my apologies for buggin you, stealing your time. I feel ashamed.

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