Delete permissions does not work

  • Hello Kopano-Team,

    we set permissions via webapp/deskapp and adding permissions is working.
    But delete/remove a user from the permission list is not working.

    we can set the permissions to “no rights” but we cant remove the user from the list.

    no errors in webapp/httpd24 log when deleting, no errors when opening other stores.

    just updated webapp to the latest stable version - still cant remove the user from list.

    (btw if i remove the user and save it -> message from webapp success. reopen the properties, user is gone. - close the store, reopen store, open properties -> user is in the list again)


  • Kopano

    @Coffee_is_life This works fine for me even with your given steps.
    Is that user still active?

    When you delete the user from the list in WebApp what is the output of kopano-mailbox-permissions?

  • @marty,

    thanks for testing. - these steps are done for the kalender.
    The output of “kopano-mailbox-permissions --list-permissions” <This user> shows the same as weball. All Users are listed with “displayname:norights”.

    I delete them from webapp permission list, output of kopano-mailbox-permissions are the same…

    i will try to remove all permissions wiht this cmd and set them new.
    reporting back soon

    //EDIT: delete all permissions via cmd, reopen the store - permission list is clean.
    thanks for the hint with kopano-mailbox-permissions
    But when i delete someone from the list, the cmd shows me the removed user with “:denied” instead of just vanish…


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