Kopano addressbook synchronisation to JIRA

If anyone is interested, i wrote a python script for synchronising one Kopano addressbook to single contact issues in JIRA.

The reason was simply to be able to link a JIRA issue to a customer, managing customer addresses primarily in Kopano and not to add them manually in JIRA.


And as always: Use at your own risk!

KR, Sönke

Hi Soenke,

looks nice, could be useful for a few people. :relaxed:

Would you like to add your project to this list? Just create a PR against it.


Hey @Sebastian, please help me out a little.
I created an account in your Bitbucket but i have difficulties to create a PR. Only the master branch is visible to me.
I’m not that familar with the git concept. Do i need to create a new branch first, check it out, add my link to the Readme.me and then create a PR on that? Or what’s the idea?
Or @fbartels should tell me the correct way in german :)
Best regards, Sönke

Hi @soenke.martens ,

I’ve tried to explain a possible workflow in the CONTRIBUTING.md.

Basically you have two choices, either create a fork of the repo on stash.z-hub.io, make your changes in the master branch of your fork and then create a pull request from there. Or ask for permission to the repo itself, make your changes in a newly create branch (you cannot push to master for the official repo) and the open up a pull request from there.