Emails being sent to USERNAME@SERVERNAME

  • So we are seeing a relatively new issue, where our mail firewall will capture emails that were intended for other kopano users but were sent externally because the actual email address on the email is in the format USERNAME@POSTFIX (where USERNAME is the username of the intended recipient and SERVERNAME is the name of the server) for instance there might be an email send to me, but it would be brandtb@kopano-core which is NOT my email address.

    We know these emails can from WebApp since we can see the line:

    <meta name=3D"Generator" content=3D"Kopano WebApp v3.4.13.1464+59.1"

    in the code of the message.

    My guess is that these messages are sent after the username is typed in but before WebApp has a time to resolve. But this is happening 1 every day or so and I seriously my users are that “quick”

    Any ideas how to fix this?


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