Show name from "FROM"-Field instead from adress-book

  • We use a mailbox to collect messages from technical installations. Let’s say the mailbox is tecinfo@domain.tld. The attachments access the user “tecinfo” via SMPT and send their messages to different recipients. The sender is of course always tecinfo@domain.tld.

    In the “From” name field, the system identifies itself with a number. This way I can sort the messages into folders using a filter.

    If I access a Kopano mailbox via IMAP, the “Sender” is e.g. " Plant 0123 tecinfo@domain.tld>". In the Kopano WebAPP, however, the name from the From name field is NOT displayed, but the name from the Kopano address book. which is “techinfo techinfo@domain.tld”.

    Can I set somewhere that the name from the From name field is visible in the web app? With Exchange it was possible to enable this for individual mailboxes, that not the registered name of the user, but the name from the header of the mail is displayed.

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