How to check the DeskApp version and how to update to the latest version?

  • I can see in settings the WebApp version and the Kopano Core version but it does not seem to state the DeskApp version. Also, how to I update the DeskApp to the latest version?

  • hi @pwhittle ,
    which OS are u using? Windows, Linux?
    On my Linux I just type dpkg -l|grep deskapp ) its 1.8.3.
    On Windows I think the control Panel and programs and features is the best place to search.
    Inside the Deskapp I also can’t find the Version Number

  • after starting deskapp you should get an deskapp icon on the notification bar, when right click you see the deskapp version there

    upgrading to new version is to run install from new version with the older version still installed - everything is kept as is


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  • Thanks for all your help. I found the version (1.0.40) in Windows 10 using the tray icon. Now I just need to update it. I feel a bit stupid because I cant seem to find the install file on the Kopano website. Have been around in circles but no luck.

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    The download location is always mentioned in the release announcements:

  • Hi.

    I had a talk with a customer. He also wants to get informed about a new version.

    Is there a way that the deskap itself checks on startup if a new update is available?
    When there is an update you should be informed and get a download button to the new version.
    That would be a great solution.

    But the stable downloads are password protected and the most colleagues dont know this password.
    Maybe it is possible to upload the stable deskapp version to the community download portal. Because this (and the Kopano Outlook Extension) ist the only software a normal user would download and install.

    Kind regards

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    Hi @sebschremser ,

    both applications are available as msi packages, so that you as “the it guy” can auto deploy them to your users desktops. A “normal user” should imho not have the permissions anyways to install software on their own.

  • Hello.

    Yes that is a very good point and i’m at your side when you say a normal user should not have the permissions to install software.
    But thats a wishful thinking and we all know that its not the lived practice in every company.

    And as an IT service organisation we only serve the mail-server. The local it-guy doesn’t have the budget to implement a software deployment. So he looks for the easiest way to stay up to date.
    Every other software (Firefox, Adobe Reader, Flash, Java etc.) also have the same way to update their software.
    Why not the client software from Kopano?

    Kind regard.

  • The next thing is. This customer had a license to automatically roll out the zarafa-client on his old zarafa server.

    Now with Kopano he don’t have the possibility to roll out the new kopano-software from his kopano-server.
    Hm. What should i tell my customer?

    Kind regards

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    We’ve already giving this behavior some thought, but the corresponding ticket still requires some research:

    We might start with a simple notification of a new version, but the expected behavior is still uncertain.

    For windows you can deploy it already:

    For Linux you can use repositories.

  • @sebschremser,

    for the local it guy there is the option to write a simple script, that looks up the deskapp version on his own pc from the registry,
    save it to $curr_version
    look up the online .msi (since its using the version number in the filename), snip the versionnumber
    save it to $new_version

    then compare the versions and if the version is diferent, show a notification or send a mail - something like that.

    we use this in our software-deployment-tool to check the version and the depending actions


  • Hello.

    @Coffee_is_life I already wrote such a script half a year ago for internal usage. I think i will create a rule to auto forward this mail to the customer. So we have a workaround.

    Kind regards

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