• What are “transport-headers”? One option in rules is “includes these words in the transport-headers”.

    Is there a way to filter arbitrary headers? I want to filter mailing list posts to folders and to do so I want to filter for e.g. X-Mailing-List headers.

  • @mahescho said in Rules:

    Is there a way to filter arbitrary headers?

    Yes, that’s exactly one of the purposes it was designed for.

    E.g. adding List-Id: <>as search criteria in a transport-message-header-rule, will target mail-items with the corresponding “List-ID”-header. Consider the matching algorithm a case-insensitive fulltext-search on the entire header-section.

    As of current, the searchable length of message-headers is limited by kopano-server. Particulary, gmail tends to create very long transport-headers, that by chance get truncated. As a mailing-listid headertag is regularly located at the lower end of the header-section, the filter-rule might fail in this case.


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