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  • I would like to merge a large amount of mails from two folders into one folder. With the web app I can only do this in very small steps. Selecting and moving more than 200 mails leads to error messages of the browser and takes a long time. And there’s a few tens of thousands of messages in dozens of mailboxes I’m supposed to handle.

    Is there a tool, a command in the shell or something?

  • Kopano

    You can use python-kopano. Are you familiar with it?

  • No, I only know Phyton by name. If there’s a really good tutorial, I can do it. But I would prefer it to be more intuitive.

  • Kopano

    How many items are we talking about btw?

  • My boss’s mailbox alone contains several hundred thousand messages from the last 10 years. And my boss wants access to them all.

    Under Outlook/Exchange he had to regularly move to a local PST archive. These were now 180GB in size. In these archives the mails were sorted in folders to be able to find them faster again. For each year 4 folders for the inbox and 4 folders for the outbox. This is now to be merged back into the real incoming and outgoing mail.

    So definitely nothing that can be solved in portions of 200 mails each in the web app.

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  • Kopano

    If you are moving 180gb worth of emails into a single folder you are going to have a bad time (although Kopano may handle that better than Outlook). I would advise against it.

    What would be the solution? Create subfolders for mail management or just keep the year structure that you have in your source.

    ps: before importing the data please make sure that you’ve read our tuning guide. or even better: reach out to our support so they could review your configuration.

  • As already mentioned this would be very easy to script with python-kopano though moving such an amount of data still will take quite some time, and having such a big amount in a single folder is not recommended, it would be better to have at least a structure of some sub-folders by year for example.

    If you are not up to creating such a script yourself and if you have a subscription you can ask Kopano sales for a quote for a custom created script.

  • I only have kopano base subscription. Is this covered by base subscription?

  • No custom script development is not covered by a subscription.

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