Synchronise with Ubuntu (18.04) calendar

  • The calendar in the latest version of Ubuntu (18.04) (not Thunderbird!) can be synchronized with various online sources.
    Including Microsoft Exchange, Next Cloud and Google.

    I’ve tried the Exchange one as that usually works on mobile phones. But it didn’t. Ubuntu says can not find WebDav endpoint.

    Is there any way to synchronize the Kopano calendar with the Ubuntu calendar (not Thunderbird!).
    Not sure if this makes any difference but we have the paid version of Kopano.


  • Kopano

    Hi @christian,

    in Desktop applications the “Microsoft Exchange” option usually refers to Exchange Webservices (EWS), which is a protocol Kopano does not support. Sadly documentation for the Gnome Calendar seem to be sparse, so without diving into the code there does not seem a way to confirm this. The point that does not fit into this theory is the “can not find WebDav endpoint”, as EWS is also quite unlike WebDAV.

    If you can manually configure a CalDAV calendar with that application, you should still be able to connect it to Kopano CalDAV implementation.

  • I know it is an old topic but I finally had time to test things again.

    It might work but I’m not 100% there. The problem is: does work and it gives me a calendar file. That file I can import into the Gnome calendar. But the Gnome (Ubuntu 20.04) calendar does not like the URL for a direct synchronization, the port is the problem.

    Is there a way that I could reach the calendar at: instead? As that looks very promising from the GNOME calendar point.


  • Kopano

    @christian said in Synchronise with Ubuntu (18.04) calendar:

    CardDAV is for contacts and not calendars and a standard that is not supported by kopano-ical (it would work with kdav however).

    I just did a quick test with Gnome Calendar 3.36.2 and was able to configure a CalDAV calendar source. I configured the calendar url simply as “https://myserver:8443/caldav”.

    To prevent the need to specify the ports you could simply proxy the /caldav endpoint in your webserver.

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