kopano webapp plugin-spell-nl broken

@ckruijntjens I checked this on a Centos7 machine, but works fine for me…

That plugin is not updated for some time, so is it the first time you installed it?
Could you post the exact package version?
rpm -qa | grep kopano-webapp-plugin-spell-nl


Hi marty. Yes I freshly installed the server on a centos 7 machine. The inglish package is working fine however if I install the nl package I get error 500 in webapp site.


hi @marty

Just saw a error in my log file.

[Wed Apr 18 20:24:28.141272 2018] [:error] [pid 1737] [client] Unknown language: ‘nl_NL’

What did i forget to install? Thanks in advance for you help in this.

You need to install the nl_NL locale.
It will probably solve the issue.


Hi marty it is installed and was installed?


Infact all the locales have bin installed. When i do a locale -a

I see nl_NL in the list.


yust upgraded to the latest nightly builds and now it is working again!

@ckruijntjens Great. Not sure why, but great :)

Hi @marty

Gust upgrades to webapp version In centos 7 now i got the same issue as 2 months ago.

Error 500?

We did not make a change in the spellchecker,
not even the first time when you opened the topic.

Are you sure the error 500 is not this one? https://forum.kopano.io/topic/1561/webapp-3-4-17-1607-71-1-centos-7/2