Calendar Rights Problem

Hello Kopano Forum,

i’ve got a Problem with the public calendars.
Kopano Konto 1 has a private calendar with a share (Rights = secretary) to the secretary.

If the secretary create a new meeting request. She cannot Cancel it again.
Error Message: “You have insufficient privileges to delete items in this folder.”

Same with privileges “Full controll”.

That’s problematic when the User commands to the secretary to cancel a meeting.

My question is: is this a bug or a feature (is this wanted).


Hi @catpainhero

What versions do you use (core and webapp) ?

Try giving access to the inbox as well, see if that helps.

Hi @marty

Core: 8.5.2

With the access to the inbox it works, but with this acces the secratary is also able to read the mails and that is not intended from us.

Is there a possibility to provide the secretary to open the inbox but give the rights?
Maybe to disable the button “Open Shared Mails”.

Our Workaround:

with the following permissions the secretary can open the inbox but got the “no elements” message.

“Create Items” not set
“Read Items” not set
“Create subfolders” not set
“Folder Permissions” not set
“Folder visible” set

Edit Items: All
Delete Items: All

one thing is that the secretary can see how many unreaded Mails in the Folder over the sidebar.


I think Edit Items: All Delete Items: All

Can also be set to none.

Keep in mind the secretary must be a delegate, otherwise you’ll receive bounce email when you cancel / delete a meeting.


Thanks for the help @marty