kopano webapp download html images automatic

Hi everyone,

I got a question regarding webapp. Now when a email arrives it does not auto download images inside a mail. How can i enable this so thah i dont have to download the images by hand with every email? Its like the picture below.


@ckruijntjens you can add a sender or the entire domain to the ‘safe senders list’, which will automtaically mark them as trusted the next time the email comes in:


… but you should now that not automatically downloading the images is a security feature!

It protects you from some kinds of drive-by downloads and from tracking you. For example, some spammer could send you an e-mail with a picture reference to a server, and then detect you have downloaded the picture. This confirms your e-mail address, raises it’s value on underground markets, and leads to more spam for you.

Not downloading every image is a very good default setting!