WebApp behind reverse proxy (https terminates at proxy/firewall)

  • Hello.

    I’m setting up a new Kopano server (community on Debian 9.4 server which is behind a firewall/reverse proxy on local LAN.

    SSL connections to Kopano WebApp server are terminated at the proxy (where i also have “Let’s Encrypt” CA cerificates for our mail.[blank].net FQDN host). Proxy server decrypts the traffic and sends it to the upstream Kopano WebApp server on internal network via unencrypted HTTP protocol on port 80.

    However, the problem is that i cannot make webapp work without SSL enabled on the internal Kopano web server (webapp).
    WebApp version:

    Apache2 error.log shows:

    [Fri Mar 16 11:07:25.629108 2018] [:error] [pid 1051] [client] Rejected insecure request as configuration for 'INSECURE_COOKIES' is false.

    Is there a way to enable WebApp to work with ‘INSECURE_COOKIES’, over plain HTTP(80) connection?

    Thank You in advance for any help and/or tips…

  • UPDATE (problem solved):

    I just updated config.php, and changed:

    define(“INSECURE_COOKIES”, false);
    define(“INSECURE_COOKIES”, true);

    It works now.

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