How to list contents of gab.

I’m trying to debug a problem with missing contacts from gab when used with outlook/koe. The contacts are there just fine in deskapp/webapp, but a few are missing in gab when using outlook/koe. Is there a way that i can on the server query/see what exactly is in gab? I mean, for deskapp/webapp I would just use ldapsearch to list the stuff, but for gab?


I think you missed to run the gabsync script on regulary intervalls - you should run this everytime you add/remove users in your envirenment see:


No, I do run that, even manually every time I’ve done a change.

If I am not mistaken one of the recent KOE builds should log the data received from the server to create the GAB.
Could you specify a bit what is missing? Question would be to find a pattern?

Well, so far we don’t see any pattern. Which is why it would be usefull to get a copy of what is in gab on the server, so we compare what is in ldap and what is in koe, and maybe then find the pattern.

afaik our support had a script to inspect the exported blobs.

@fbartels is that script available somewhere, or should I make a ticket for that?

Using KOE 1.6#279 or higher logs the GAB data received in the TRACE level. The relevant log lines start with “Parsing chunk”.

@klausade I don’t know if this is publicly available, but I’m sure support will happily share it with you when you open a ticket.

So, I’ve made the trace, and managed to make sense of the insane huge log file, thanks for pointing me in that direction. I now see a pattern, and it makes sense to me, it was actually my first suggestion to the person who reported it, but the person claimed my guess was wrong. Anyway, looks like it boils down to this:

We have groups of users, like this:
cn=Alle Eltern Klasse 01a,ou=Automatically generated entries,ou=Group,dc=something
objectClass: posixGroup
objectClass: kopano-group
objectClass: top
gidNumber: 15000
description: Alle Eltern Klasse 01a
cn: Alle Eltern Klasse 01a
kopanoAccount: 1
memberUid: M23174

And a member looks like this:
uid=M23174,ou=Automatically generated entries,ou=Contacts,dc=something
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: kopano-contact
objectClass: top
mail: klaus@klaus
uidNumber: 23174
uid: M23174
kopanoAccount: 1
sn: Smith
cn: Smith (Mutter)

Well, problem occurs when we have users with the same sn and cn, (but with different uid, mail and uidNumber), like this :
uid=M19999,ou=Automatically generated entries,ou=Contacts,dc=something
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: kopano-contact
objectClass: top
mail: lucy@lucy
uidNumber: 19999
uid: M19999
kopanoAccount: 1
sn: Smith
cn: Smith (Mutter)

If M23174 is member of cn=Alle Eltern Klasse 01a and M19999 is member of cn=Alle Eltern Klasse 08a, then only one of them will show up, in the list in GAB.

But, it is just fine in Deskapp/webapp.

I could work around this by making sure they all have different sn and cn, maybe prefix with the class, or something.

Are these users in the KOE log? From the gab-sync point of view, entries need a different UID to be processed (which is the case), so they should all be logged in KOE.
It could be that KOE is not able to handle them when having the same sn and cn.

@Sebastian no, looks like if there is someone with the same sn and cn, but different uid, then only one instance ends up in gab/koe.

@klausade yes, I understood that.
As far as I can tell now, from the gab-sync point of view, they should both be in the KOE log. Are they?

@Sebastian My head hurts … I’ve narrowed it down a bit more. Looks like cn have to be uniq, along with uid. The answer to your question, looking at the KOE log from yesterday, i that “no, only one instance is present in the koe log”.

@klausade , could you open a support ticket for this issue and send us the complete KOE-log when performing a GAB resync?