KOE randomly slows down Outlook 2016 to a crawl (Application not responding)

  • I have this on multiple PCs, where once KOE is installed (I was using 2.0.286, but this was also a problem in previous builds) Outlook 2016 (the bought version, not the Office 365 version) randomly starts to hang for several seconds and makes using it very problematic. The strange thing is that this happens sometimes on some PCs and then disappears for a few days.

    I’ve now had to uninstall KOE to make sure Outlook runs properly. Am I the only one who has these problems? I really wonder.
    What is special about these PCs is that they all have Cached Exchange Online Mailbox configured as an additional E-Mail account which contains about 100GB of E-Mails in about 50 folders or so. Perhaps the problem would disappear if only the KOE Activesync account were configured in Outlook 2016? Not something I can really test though since this additional Exchange Online account is vital…

    Anyone else here who sometimes experiences weird “Application not responding” Problems with Outlook 2016 and KOE installed?

  • Kopano


    haven’t heard about hanging/unresponsive Outlook in combination with KOE for quite a while. The koe logging could give some indication where he is busy with salt these times.

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