No more task notifications

After changing the reposity in Univention we now use

Kopano Core: 8.5.2

Since this modification we no longer get any task notifications.
(The destop notification plugin is enabled and the permission for the browser is set)

Any Idea ?
Thanks and regards

hello @RainerB,

someone asked the same question 3 days ago (just without changing a repo) - his solution was to clean cache and restart the client


Hello @Coffee_is_life ,

thanks for your response.
Which cache are you talking ?
Clearing of Firefox cache didn’t fix it.

Thanks and regards

just read the post again and didnt recognize it was for deskapp not webapp ':/

ment the client side cache, so yes ff in this case…

if you hit F12 and watch the console, do you get any errors?


No I don’t get any error messages. Calender notifications worked.