Files are not displayed

Hi all

When I open the files tab with the Webapp, files are not displayed, only 0_1519659008078_ec89c6d9-0435-487b-b9e2-ba103e4a25e8-image.png will be shown

With the Deskapp I have the same behavoir, also with other users


if you go under settings / Files did you add an entry there?

If you did, is there a green dot there showing that it is in order?

no there is no entry and I didn’t add one

then that’s the reason.

Kopano Files just access a particular backend that you specify. It can be your own owncloud/nextcloud installation or other from the selected backends.

The instructions for webapp are here:

I personally have a owncloud installation which I use from Kopano too.

hmm, so Kopano has no own filesystem? right?

It does if you consider the attachments in the emails being stored within Kopano.

However for cloud storage within the Files plugin you need to install your own backend.

That said, installing owncloud or nextcloud is really trivial it won’t take you long. The basic installation is trivial. And of course you can access owncloud / nextcloud on your mobile devices too.

ok, thank you very much, so I’ll install nextcloud .


I have personally never tested nextcloud with Kopano. I have owncloud installed and that works fine.

ok, I’ll send you a feedback about nextcloud

I am using nextcloud together with kopano - works fine :-) I even can use the kopano credentials