Migrating Zarafa ZCP with Z-Push 2.2.10 server to latest Kopano with Outlook support

Dear all,

we are still running Zarafa (Pro/100 users) and would like to migrate very soon to Kopano. We already upgraded our license to Kopano Pro. There are some questions we are not sure about and I hope to get some helpful answers.

OS: GNU/Linux Debian Jessie 64bit
apache2: 2.4.10-10+deb8u7
z-push: 2.2.10
php5-mapi: 7.2.4-29-99.1

ZCP is connected to our Samba4 ActiveDirectory where all our user accounts are stored. Samba4 Debian package version is called “4.2.14-SerNet-Debian-11.jessie”. The Active Directory schema is extended for the use for Zarafa. With Active Directory snap-in and zarafaads.exe we manage the users on our ActiveDirectory and with the [Zarafa] tab the Zarafa related settings.

We exclusively run Microsoft Outlook as Email client and believe me or not: we already tried everything to bring WebApp to our employees without success. Especially the manager didn’t like WebApp at all, he expressed the necessity of using Outlook as a Groupware client. As a result there are only three employees using also Zarafa-Webapp, all others run Microsoft Outlook on their Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows 7 clients.

Some of our users run Outlook2010 and the others Outlook2013, all of them 32-bit. We have to stick with our current available Microsoft Office products, there is no budget and plan yet to upgrade to Office2016. Most of the employees have attached shared user mailboxes of their colleagues or are accessing shared calendars.

  • Outlook 2013 (15.0.4989.1000) 32-bit
  • Outlook 2013 (15.0.4911.1002) 32-bit
  • Outlook 2010 (14.0.7190.5000) 32-bit

All employees have Zarafa Client version installed so they can use Outlook.

I am carefully reading through these documentation:



My sorrows and thus questions I have are following:

(1) what happens with the Windows10 client running MS Outlook and the mentioned Zarafa client ? The documentation says:

Note: not all versions of the Zarafa MAPI Outlook client is compatible with Kopano Core. Make sure all clients are upgraded to the latest version before migrating your Zarafa server to Kopano

Will our Windows 7 / Windows 10 clients with Outlook 2010 / Outlook 2013 be able to connect to Kopano server without interaction after I finished the migration process ZarafaServer–>KopanoServer ??

(2) Access to shared accounts and/or calendars are very important. Will the employees be cabaple using this feauture after the migration Zarafa–>Kopano without interaction on their Windows computer? Or do I have to install additionally on each Windows PC the file “KopanoOLExtension-1.6-282-combined.exe” in order to get this feature working ? If KOL is a must-have for Outlook users, is it wise to pre-install it on each of our Windows clients, even before we start the migration process Zarafa–>Kopano ? Will a installed KOL product interfere with our current Zarafa server + MS Outlook setup somehow ?

(3) As I understood Kopano Outlook Extension is only for Outlook 2013 or newer, right? So what happens with our Outlook 2010 clients? Will they be able to connect to Kopano Server with their existing Zarafa client version but they won’t be able to access shared mailboxes through Outlook because they will miss Kopano Outlook Extension? Does that mean that those employees running Outlook 2010 without Kopano Outlook Extension won’t see the Global adress book anymore ?

(4) What about z-Push? Currently we are on z-push 2.2.10 with PHP-MAPI 7.2.4-29. Is it advisable to download latest z-push version 2.3.9 from http://z-push.org/download/ and install it even now in our actual Zarafa server (before we start migration to Kopano) ? do we have to expect any issues when upgrading to this latest z-push version by still continue using Zarafa server as we actually do ?

(5) Is there anything important I need to be aware of and take special care related to Active Directory bind out Zarafa server is using?

Thanks to anyone for any helpful reply in advance.

Hi @micro ,

if you want some guaranteed answers, I would rather recommend to open a support case and discuss migration stragegies with our support.

Sure, but I’d like to avoid charging our support blocks if possible. I thought I can gain some pre-information basics here on the forum. Else every second topic on a forum would take the need to contact support? :)

Hello @micro,

for some question i got answers based on experience myself:

(1) Latest KC (8.5.1) got some problems with old zarafa-client, like cant reading the permissions for shared folders (public stores works)
suggesting: using the KC version 8.4.6
Windows 7/10 should work with it (Windows 7 definetly, for Windows 10 i got no reference but server 2012r2, same base kernel)
Office 2010 32 bit dont need the KOE, its using the ZC. - 7.2.6 is the latest Zarafa client, in my environment it works (with KC version 8.4.6)
Office 2013 32 bit should have dropped MAPI support but based on the internal version you are using maybe it works with some registry hax (https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/2937684/outlook-2013-or-2016-may-not-connect-using-mapi-over-https-as-expected)

(2) Accessing the shared store is working in Outlook 2010 with ZC without KOE
foraccessing the new server i changed the alias in dns which the clients are using to connect to Zarafa. - as far as i remember this worked. Maybe a recreatin of the local profile was needed but im not sure as its one year ago and we got only a few 2010 left.

(3) The KOE is needed if you are using z-push for the outlook-connection. ActiveSyncProtocol doesnt provide permissions till AS version 16. Z-Push is currently using AS 14 and for using shared folders you need KOE.
Global adressbook is provided via MAPI(ZC) as usually. GAB for z-push clients you need to execute a script (/usr/share/z-push/tools/gab-sync/gab-sync.php -a sync)
this is explayned in the z-push section in detail. futher i suggest creating an own scriupt which gets executed when users are created or edited (script must be stored in "/etc/kopano/userscripts/createuser.d/"
does nothing more than this:

set -e


if [ -e $GABSYNC ]; then
        $GABSYNC -a sync

(4) for the z-push version with current Zarafa-server i cant tell. - never tested

For the AD-template i needed to edit the ldap.cfg from Kopano-Core, changed all “kopano-<namespace>” to “zarafa-<namespace>” in order to get the right values, stored in AD.

hope this helps, any further suggestions or improvements are welcome


I’ve upgraded our Zarafa Server 7.2.6 to Kopano Server 8.4.6 recently. There were no surprises really. Mostly because the core functionality of the Zarafa/Kopano server has not been changed much. MAPI is still MAPI. Only thing to be aware of is that there are some Microsoft Office security patches that break Zarafa Client integration with Outlook. Other thing is that we still have the Zarafa Scheme Extension in our Active Directory. Copy the Zarafa server ldap config files to the Kopano Server ldap config and you will be fine.

  1. Works, we use Windows 10 Pro with Kopano Server 8.4.6, Outlook 2013 and Zarafa client 7.2.6.
  2. You don’t need to install KOE, Zarafa Client 7.2.6 still works fine (Don’t install all the latest Outlook security updates though).
  3. Outlook 2010 + Zarafa Client 7.2.6 still works on Kopano Server 8.4.6
  4. I recommend upgrading Z-Push first, then update Zarafa to Kopano. Although I don’t think it matters, core functionality has not been changed.
    Easiest is to use a seperate server for Webapp and Z-Push. Install a new one with the latest Z-Push and WebApp, connect it to your Zarafa server and see if it works…
  5. Nope

We upgraded one Zarafa server to Kopano 8.4.6 and it works fine with the clients (Outlook 2007/2010) and the other ZCP 7.2.5 servers in the company.

The main problems in the migration where based on Postfix. Ubuntu 16.04 comes with postfix 3.1 and the postfix-ldap is not longer working with 3.x postfix versions. We are using the ldap queries in postfix to find the right target server.
I found only the solution to install the postfix/postfix-ldap 2.11 packages from Ubuntu 14.04 instead.

The zarafa-client 7.2.6 works fine, with less problems then on Outlook 2016/z-push 2.3.8/KOE. Several users requested a downgrade from Outlook 2016 to Outlook 2007.

We have also Webapp/z-push separated on an own server. It made it easy to stay at the latest versions and there was no need to change something on the client side while we changed the backend server.

I also want to bring up that the 8.5.x issue with that the classic MAPI provider has been fixed with the release of 8.5.4, made available yesterday.