Bug: No notification for new mail in public folders

  • When new mail arrives in public folders the folder in the folder tree is no marked for new mails (bold, number of new mails). I’ve to click on it to see if there has arrived new mail. If I do so the folder tree is updated and the folder name changes to bold and the number of new mail is displayed.

    Kopano Core: 8.5.2
    Z-Push: 2.3.9+0-0

  • Kopano

    Hi Mahescho,

    This is not a bug, but something that is intentionally not enabled due to potential big performance impact on both server and (when it concerns many folders) in some cases also the client. We keep an eye on the possibility and the topic of shared notifications gets revisited every once in a while. Keep an eye on https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-361 for news.

  • Hmmm … I plan to switch to Kopano form Kerio Connect and Firefox because I wan better integration of mail, calendar and tasks. With Firefox and IMAP this is no issue with Kopano adn I get notifications for shared folders. I this this should be solvable in the webapp too as it is also no issue with the Kerio Connect web access.

    Q3/18 … sad … so I can not use the web an desktop app till then.