File Plugin: Add Attachment to Email is broken

in the latest version of the Files plugin, it’s not possible to add attachments to Emails anymore. I think I tracked it down to the fact that the files are not being downloaded from the Backend (in our case Owncloud/Nextcloud). It seems to have been caused by this commit:

I think the missing of the get_file is causing the bug.

$initializedBackend->get_file($relRecId, $tmpname);

I tested the following fix and it works again for us:

$parts = explode('/', $file);
$initializedBackend->get_file(implode('/', $parts), $tmpname);

Would be nice to have that working again. Thanks.

Hi @kg I quickly checked this on master.
Works for me.
What versions of files + backends do you use?

thanks for looking into it. I just tried it with the latest version available here and it’s not working.

The versions reported in the Webapp are 2.1 for the Files plugin and 0.1 for the Owncloud Backend.

I tried again with todays nightly and it’s fixed. Thanks.