How to import contacts and calendar items


how to import VCF files with multiple contacts?
How to import ICS files with multiple entries?


That functionality is part of tickets which are not implemented yet:

Import (mail/calendar/contacts) - KW-611
Import/Export (tasks/notes) - KW-629

Related tickets are in those stories, else you can find them in our ticket system.

Ticket for bulk import VCF and ICS are not created yet, and I made a comment about this in the import / export epic.

If I have to migrate contacts on mobile devices between one account (non Kopano) to a Kopano z-push account, I do the following:

  • export the contacts from the mobile phone to .vcf and send them by email to myself
  • open the file with the contacts in the mobile phone and select import into an account and select the Kopano account

Magically all the contacts are then transferred back via z-push to Kopano server and the job is done.