Deskapp offline mode

Hi guys,

I’m exhausted with Outlook and their bugs …
Have you planned to have Deskapp offline?
My clients must have mail without the Internet.

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Hi ivamp.

I’m also to research a Deskapp offline. It will be very nice that we can have it for personal usage and professionnal.

Best regards

@ivamp For offline support have a look at KOE.

I guess they desire to have the offline functionality in core “Kopano WebApp” or “Kopano DeskApp” without the use third party applications like “Microsoft Outlook”. Would be really awesome to have DeskApp with “offline functionality”, I think many users would then try a switch to “Kopano WebApp/Deskapp”.

A real offline client would be great, to have an alternative to Outlook/KOE. But deskapp is just an OS integrated browser windows, I assume this technique will not allow offline functions. It may be easier to take an open source groupware client and add the Kopano connector.

by the way: is it possible to connect Thunderbird with Kopano Server by using somehow ActiveSync (without the need of using IMAP/POP) ?

@micro Maybe there is a TB plugin for this.