Z-Push 2.3.9 not in repository

When will z-push 2.3.9 available in the repositories?

There was an issue with the release pipeline. Fixed now.

Thanks! Installed :)

I am upgrading now and it’s stuck in the "Checking for unreferenced (obsolete) state files for > 10 minutes…

It completed now. All good.

Do you have many states? Could you du a du -sh on your state directory?

replied in the other thread

no no… it isn’t 140 states, it’s a lot less.

anyway du -sh shows 14M

I have ran now:

z-push-admin -a fixstates

ran now and it took zero seconds…

Output is:

Checking flags of shared folders: Devices: 73 - Devices with additional folders: 0 - Fixed 0