Shared categories for all users within one company

Hello there,

WebApp 3.4.0 introduced a new and more user friendly way to edit the available categories. Now different users of one company start to make up individual category names - ending up with different names for what should be only one commonly used category. The category list now looks different for every individual user. I’d prefer a shared list of categories for all users within one company. Coherent category names are important for me as I create category based reports using Python-Kopano.

  1. Is there a way to create “public categories” by using the WebApp frontend (as opposed to config.php)?
  2. If not: is it possible to deactivate the feature to add categories for the user (and thus rely solely on config.php)?
  3. Can these user-specific categories be accessed using the Python-Kopano?

I’m using Kopano Core 8.5.80 (with multi-tenancy environment) and WebApp 3.4.3, served with Nginx and php-fpm 7.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Steve,

Categories are personal.
You can set a category in public folder but the color can be different for each user.

  1. No
  2. No
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