dismiss does not work

Situation: an outlook user (Win7, 64b, Outlook 2013, KOE 1.3.156) is our global agenda. He gets invited for every vacation so that everybody knows who’s off.
Now the problem is that he keeps getting the notifications for these, also after dismissing them.
What can we do about this?

Hi flok,

please update KOE to 1.6 and check if this issue still occurs.



It still occurs with the latest koe.

Hi @flok ,

there is a setting to enable/disable reminders for shared stores in KOE. If you disable this the user should not get notifications anymore -> https://kb.kopano.io/display/WIKI/Setting+up+the+Kopano+OL+Extension?preview=/2981928/7897112/2017-04-28_12h20_52.png

The plot thickens: