Z-PUSH w/ OL2013/2016: incomplete FROM information

  • My setup: Kopano on Fedora 26, z-push 2.3.8, OL2016 and OL2013 on Win10.

    I am connecting with OL2016 to my server via ActiveSync and since I can remember, for some received mails, the FROM information, and usually the DisplayName of the sender is incomplete. An example how it looks like in OL and in WebApp:

    In OL:

    In WebApp:

    The anoying part is in the Inbox of OL where instead of the nice Displayname “Digital Photography School” , noeply+feedproxy@google.com appears and it just looks nasty. Also, if I get several feedburner newsletters from different sites there is no way to differentiate them.
    At first I noticed this behaviour where the FROM contains “on behalf of”, however I do have emails with on behalf of where it is correctly displayed in OL. On Android it is displayed correctly, with the gmail app also using ActiveSync. So it happenes only in OL. On most PCs I have OL2016, however the same happenes with OL2013.
    The issue is not new. I have been using Zarafa with z-push in the past, with several versions and since I am using ActiveSync in OL it has been the same.
    In the message header the from fields look like this:
    OL = “From: noreply+feedproxy@google.com
    WebApp = “From: Digital Photography School <noreply+feedproxy@google.com>”

    Is this a known behaviour? Is the issue on OL side or z-push side?
    I hope i posted this in the correct section.


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