z-push version - zarafa version compatibility

  • Hi,
    we are currently running an old zarafa 7.1.14 version with z-push-2.2.7, due to some issues with one OL2016 client, I want to upgrade to a newer version of z-push, I’ve noticed that since 2.3.0 no zarafa folder exists in the backend folder, ok, I’m able to change the socket location in kopano/config.php, but what shall I provide in root config.php BACKEND_PROVIDER setting, currently it is set to ‘BackendZarafa’, shall I set it to ‘BackendKopano’ ?

    thx in advance

  • Kopano

    Hi @odix67 ,

    Z-Push has not been tested for quite a while with Zarafa, but should still continue to work. When also using the packages provided by the z-push repository then you actually do not need to specify the backend provider used. but to be on the safe side, you’d need to set it to backendkopano.

    Meanwhile there have also been quite some performance improvements in Kopano itself, so an upgrade there would not hurt either. for upgrading you just need to be aware of https://kb.kopano.io/display/WIKI/Migrating+from+ZCP+7.1+or+earlier+to+Kopano+Core+8.5+or+later.