What does the deviceid depends on?


i’m searching for informations about the deviceid (e.g. z-push admin) as i like to filter access via intrusion detection.
If the deviceid belongs to a mobile phone does it depend on any hardware parameter of the device? Comparing deviceids that belong to mobile phones to those belonging to outlook installations i asume that this id depends on the hardware device.
Is this correct, and if yes on what (mac, installationid, serial, …)?

Thanks in advance


Hi wige,

as far as I know the device id is completely random and it’s up to the vendor to define it. The vendors also have their own naming conventions, so it will be very difficult or even impossible to determine a deviceid given some hardware information (e.g. a Motorola deviceid starts with “android” and then 13 digits, a Blackberry starts with “bb” and then 8 alpha numeric chars, a Samsung Galaxy starts with “sec” and then 13 alpha numeric chars and an iphone/ipad device id has 26 alpha numeric chars - without a guarantee that it’s always correct).

Right now there’s no way in the Z-Push code to check the device id, but we have some plans to restrict connecting not allowed devices: https://jira.z-hub.io/browse/ZP-812, https://jira.z-hub.io/browse/ZP-590, https://jira.z-hub.io/browse/ZP-630.


Hi Manfred,

many thanks for your fast answer.

So i’m right that it depends on the hardware, thats quiet good. So i can filter external connections using our intrusion detection and enable access using fixed values. A new device has to register first to get access, that’s ok.

Tnanks again.


Hi wige,

yes, if you know a deviceid already, then you can filter connections. What I meant is that if you only know IMEI or MAC of the mobile, you won’t be able to determine deviceid.

You have to be aware though that Outlook over ActiveSync will generate a new deviceid every time you create a new profile, even if it’s the same user on the same computer.


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