Access Right on ressources with LDAP


I use Kopano 8.4.90 compiled and installed from sources, Kopano-Webapp 3.4.2 and Kopano Ol extension 1.5.420.

My problem is to use a ressouces of any type

In the case where the user has no admin privileges

When I want to create a meeting using a ressource like room, I am unable to reserve it.
The message displayed is the following
“You have insufficient privileges to save items in this folder” using Wepapp.
I have no message using OLE but the ressource is always see not free.

Everything is ok if the user has admin privileges

It is like users cannot have not good right to write in the plublic folders., but the not admin users can create objets in public folder “Everyone” Permission

Thank in advance for any Idea

Hi @rpatw ,

you have to use a user with admin permissions to give regular users writing permissions on the calendar of the resource first.

Ok it works now.