WebApp 3.4.3 now available

WebApp 3.4.3 was synchronized to the final directory today. It introduces better email address resolving, phone number extension improvements and a fix for showing a flagged e-mail after clicking on the reminder in the pop up. The full changelog can be found here.

Updating can be done through the repositories, packages can be downloaded from the portal or directly from the download server. If you have feedback, we’d love to hear it here in the forum!

Fantastic! My biggest issue lately has now been solved by KW-664

How often do you pull the translation when you build webapp? I ask because there are strings in nb_no that I translated weeks/months ago, that still show up in english in my setup. I have kopano-webapp
Two such strings are 765 “From Addresses” and 766 “From Addresses settings”.

@klausade that should in fact happen quite frequently and certainly more recently than months ago. We’ll look into what happened and make sure they get picked up.

@klausade the missing translation issue should be resolved in the next release!