Config warning Option ldap_company_scope is not used anymore

Hi All.

Im try setup multi-tenancy environment using Community edition of Kopano groupware with core v8.4.90.1513
by following KC Administration guide -> 6.2. Multi-tenancy configurations

In LADAP config im modify/add parameter ldap_company_scope=sub but when starting kopano-server i get warning

Config warning Option ldap_company_scope is not used anymore.

Is this feature Multi-tenancy still available for all version as mentioned in documentation ?
If yes, someone know one how to properly configure it using LDAP ?

Thank for answers.

Hi @sky-x ,

that option is already obsolete for quite a while, but was never removed from the manual. I just removed it from the manual.

Thanks for info, im finish configuration, tested it and it works without this parameter.

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