Can't open eml files with DeskApp

  • Hi everybody,

    first of all. Merry Christmas. This have to be said.

    Second. I have a problem with the DeskApp with opening .eml-files. If I open a saved .eml-file on desktop the DeskApp starts, but it doesn’t open the email itself. DeskApp is configured in Windows to open files with .eml extension.
    I’ve found KD-2. Is the any roadmap for this?

    This feature is neccessary for me/my customers to use email archive software. The archive software open the email through export and call .eml-files, if you want to forward or answer it again.


  • Kopano

    hi @BusinessTux KD-2 depends on WebApp functionally. The tickets are in the ‘blocked by’ list in KD-2

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