Release 2.3.8+0-85.1

  • Hi,
    today I see the release 2.3.8+0-85.1 of Z-Push for SLES 12, unfortunately I did not see this release for Debian. Any reasons why 2.3.8+0-85.1 is not available for Debian 8?

    dpkg -l | grep z-p
    ii  z-push-autodiscover                        2.3.8+0-0                            all          Z-Push autodiscover
    ii  z-push-backend-kopano                      2.3.8+0-0                            all          Z-Push Kopano backend
    ii  z-push-common                              2.3.8+0-0                            all          open source implementation of the ActiveSync protocol
    ii  z-push-config-apache                       2.3.8+0-0                            all          Z-Push apache configuration
    ii  z-push-ipc-sharedmemory                    2.3.8+0-0                            all          Z-Push ipc shared memory provider
    ii  z-push-kopano                              2.3.8+0-0                            all          Z-Push for Kopano
    ii  z-push-kopano-gabsync                      2.3.8+0-0                            all          GAB sync for Kopano


  • Hi,

    I reinstalled Z-Push on Debian with:

    apt-get install --reinstall z-push-autodiscover z-push-backend-kopano z-push-common z-push-config-apache z-push-ipc-sharedmemory z-push-kopano z-push-kopano-gabsync

    But a newer version is a better solution.


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