Deskapp unable to connect

  • Hello

    I have installed from sources Kopano core 8.4.90, Webapp , 3.4.2 and deskapp 1.5.440 or deskapp 1.6.255
    I am able to connect with kopano-Webapp but unable to connect with deskapp; I can save parameters but when I start to connect, Deskapp runs continuouly with login page and no connection.

    To Connect I have to modify index.php in the kopano-webapp by adding the “/”

    156 header('Location: ’ . dirname($_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]) . ’ / ', true, 303);
    157 die();
    158 }

    The orginal line is the following

    header('Location: ’ . dirname($_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]) , true, 303);

    I do not know if this modification can do other thing

    Any idea ?

    Thank you

  • Hello @rpatw,

    download and install deskapp-devel, start it and press F12 to open console.

    Maybe there is a hint what deskapp is trying to do.


  • Hello @Coffee_is_life

    I have install deskapp level.

    This is the console result when it blocks

    main.js:385 Loading WebApp
    main.js:508 current version:undefined
    main.js:509 last version:undefined
    main.js:520 App cache cleared.

    This is the console result when I can connect

    Loading WebApp
    main.js:508 current version:undefined
    main.js:509 last version:null
    windows.js:47 exec error: Error: spawn C:\Users\admin\Desktop\DESKAPPSRC\NWJ\nwjs-sdk-v0.27.2-win-x64\nwjs-sdk-v0.27.2-win-x64\deskapphelper.exe ENOENT

    With the deskapp devel, when I reset the profile, enter the same informations I am able to connect

    Perhaps the user profile not correctly saved ?

    Thanks for any help


  • Hello @rpatw

    did you just installed deskapp or are you using any ini file to deploy some informations?

    in my case i use an ini, that will recrate the profile everytime when deskapp is started:


    and for using the ini-file i’ve got a reg file:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kopano\Kopano DeskApp]

    this will cause deskapp to search for “deskapp.ini” and the first line “forceImport=true” force to load the ini everytime even if an active profile is found.


  • Hi Coffee_is_life,

    Deskapp is installed using package file. No ini file used for profile.

    I will try to use an ini file

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