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    we have just released Z-Push 2.4.0 beta1 (tag 2.4.0.beta1 commit 84c366b8debcfc691c2905a491be4ade8b63834d) and would like to invite you to try it.

    Main feature of this version (so far) is the support of ActiveSync 14.1.
    This new ActiveSync version has features which are implemented as stubs, like RightsManagement, but no backend uses this functionality yet.

    With the Kopano backend the GAB search shows you saved pictures of users on the mobile now for devices which support it (iOS and some Android devices).

    This version now also brings configuration packages for NGINX that also supports PHP-FPM.

    We changed the user based logging. Now every user/device combination logs into a separate log file, when a user is in the special log users.

    For statically configured folders (via config.php) now it is possible to configure flags.

    This Z-Push version supports impersonating in KOE.

    Some smaller performance improvements.

    We want also to thank all our community contributors and for valuable feedback: Andreas, Bart, Chris, Christian, Karl, Nicolas, Roel, Vincent, Yano! Keep up the good work.

    Tickets since 2.4.0.alpha1:
    [ZP-1104] Have a device specific log file
    [ZP-1122] Sync loop failsafe - check for out-of-memory condition
    [ZP-1153] Debian packaging: run tools als webserver user
    [ZP-1183] Use custom header for remote IP (e.g. HTTP_X_REAL_IP)
    [ZP-1205] Set custom sync period per store (KOE feature)
    [ZP-1206] Statically configured folders can not have flags
    [ZP-1233] Meeting requests default to GMT timezone
    [ZP-1235] Improve guessTZNameFromPHPName
    [ZP-1242] Check for cpid directly instead of getting charset
    [ZP-1260] Improve isset in ASDevice->GetFolderSyncStatus()
    [ZP-1283] Build rh-php56-php-memcached for RHEL 6+7 with SCL
    [ZP-1305] Show KOE last connection time in z-push-admin
    [ZP-1307] Unable to accept Meeting Request on iOS 11
    [ZP-1308] Incompatible PHP 5.4 code in FileStateMachine
    [ZP-1313] Remove TNEF class
    [ZP-1315] Carddav backend, EMAIL should only contain email address
    [ZP-1318] Caldav only set ORGANIZER if ATTENDEE
    [ZP-1319] Caldav only save DESCRIPTION if it’s not empty
    [ZP-1320] Caldav X-MICROSOFT-CDO-ALLDAYEVENT support
    [ZP-1321] Carddav support rare phone types
    [ZP-1324] Carddav, $message->asbody->data can be NULL
    [ZP-1326] AirWatch Boxer not working on iOS
    [ZP-1327] Add KOE Impersonate feature flag
    [ZP-1331] Use z-push as default group for config files and directories.

    Tickets in 2.4.0.alpha1 release:
    [ ZP-295] AS 14.1: Implement FirstDayOfWeek for recurring items
    [ ZP-596] ActiveSync 14.1 related issues and tasks
    [ ZP-742] Implement OnlineMeeting*Link
    [ ZP-743] Implement Picture for ResolveRecipients
    [ ZP-744] Implement Picture for Search
    [ ZP-745] Implement BodyPart and BodyPartPreference
    [ ZP-746] Implement PrimarySmtpAddress in Settings
    [ ZP-747] Implement Accounts in Settings
    [ ZP-748] Implement RightsManagementInformation
    [ ZP-753] Add ASV 14.1 constant to zpush.php
    [ ZP-758] Implement MeetingMessageType
    [ZP-1051] z-push/include/mimeDecode.php:902 mb_strlen(): Unknown encoding “windows-1250”
    [ZP-1121] Output opaque data
    [ZP-1145] Support fpm in webserver config packages
    [ZP-1161] Update Nginx config
    [ZP-1162] Create a nginx config package
    [ZP-1165] Tools: z-push-admin could have an option to delete profiles older than X days
    [ZP-1209] AutoDiscover: config parameter to get a valid username
    [ZP-1214] AutoDiscover should check for credentials even in GET requests
    [ZP-1258] Use PR_EC_IMAP_EMAIL to get RFC822 data
    [ZP-1261] Reduce amount of repeated glob calls
    [ZP-1267] Change summed mapi tags
    [ZP-1270] Unknown origin and warnings when listing configured shared folders via API
    [ZP-1271] Impersonate shared folders with own credentials
    [ZP-1276] Error in logging when sending email with imap backend: Only variables should be assigned by reference

    Install Z-Push 2.4.0.beta1 from the pre-final repositories (recommended) Z-Push Wiki.

    Z-Push 2.4.0 will not be released as tarball anymore.
    If using the repositories is not an option, it is possible to check out the code via git and the tag 2.4.0.beta1. More information is available here.

    Attention: This is a beta version and not suitable for production usage by the general public.

    Please share your experiences (positive and negative) and give feedback!