Outlook 2016 & field "travel kilometer" & ActiveSync

our ERP software use the Outlook field “travel kilometer” for saving an ID… with Courier IMAP wasn’t this an problem but now we switched to Kopano (Outlook 2016 & Exchange Active Sync) this isn’t working. The field “travel kilometer” seems to be deleted…
Is there a way to activate this field?
Thank your very much!

Hi @item ,

Outlook over ActiveSync unfortunately does not sync some of the custom mapi properties you can add.

Thanks for your quick reply!
The hotline of the ERP software claims that this is a standard field in Outlook (not a custom one).
Any idea?

@item then it might still be a field that is not covered by the ActiveSync specification.

Okay, thank you - so we have to try Kopano IMAP… :cry:
Maybe someone knows a list with all possible fields which the ActiveSync specification is supporting?

Hi item,

there’s the ActiveSync documentation available at MSDN: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc425499(v=exchg.80).aspx. They list all the elements available. Just be aware that Z-Push currently implements ActiveSync protocol version 14 (Z-Push 2.3.X versions) and 14.1 (Z-Push 2.4.X versions).


Thank you - it’s not so easy :-(