Addressbook PR_ attributes

Within the ldap.propmap.cfg file there is( or there was) a load of PR_ labels and 0x3A… values.

I believe these are based on Exchange’s use of LDAP for it’s address book. Does anyone know where I can get a full list of these? I have a change to redesign out companies phonebook and I would like to startout as standard as possible.

Also, does anyone have an original copy of the Kopano ldap.propmap.cfg file?

This file is part of the kopano installation and resides under


You can get the file from the source tarball:

It is located in the tar archive under linx/installer/ldap.propmap.cfg

Thanks for that.

I also did a littlel investigation and found that the PR_ names are a Microsoft things called “Tag IDs” used in their Address Book. Unfortunately the string Tag ID (or TAGID) is used everywhere so you can’t just search for it, but I found a list here. Question is, is this the definitive list??

Also what about the HEX values in the ldap.propmap.cfg file? The 0x3A… values? What are they called and does anyone have a definitive list of those?

Case in point. Even looking at the latest ldap.propmap.cfg file in the repository above, there is no entry for otherMail (i.e. Mail Aliases). Yet I know that adding these lines into the ldap.propmap.cfg file allows Kopano to use Mail Aliases

0x800F101F      =        otherMailbox


@robertwbrandt said in Addressbook PR_ attributes:


They are called “MAPI Property Tags”

MAPI Property Overview
MAPI Property Tags
e. g. Message Store Properties

PR_ALIASES - 0x800F101F seems to be a from the range (click me)

Properties defined by clients, and occasionally service providers that are identified by name through the IMAPIProp::GetIDsFromNames method.

Even more research and I’ve found that the 0x3A… values are from the Offline Address Book (OAB) Schema which makes sense.

Does Kopano support ALL of these attributes or just a subset?

@cmks Ha! Thanks

I put my update up without realizing you had posted as well…

This appears to the definitive list (as far as Microsoft is concerned)