Kopano-server fails: unrecognized attachement_storage="database"

Updating tot 8.4.90 last weekend broke Kopano server. Happend with but still remains with today’s version 1296…

Error in log:
[error] K-1542: Unrecognized attachment_storage=“database”
[crit] Could not initialize attachment store: no access
[error] Unable to initialize kopano session manager

Any idea? Help is very much appreciated.

Hi @wslagendijk ,

yes indeed using the database backend for attachment storage can currently not be set. I have created https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KC-945 to investigate this further.

On a related topic: why are you storing your attachments still in the database? The recommended (and default) way would be to store those on disk.

Because I am using Kopano for private use only on a VPS which I migrate once in a while. And storing the attachments in the database is by far the easiest to migrate :-)

Boy, it gets worse :(

So I migrated the attachments to files with the perl script provided in /usr/share/doc/kopano. Script worked fine.
Changed the configuration afterward and restarted kopano-server. Now log shows this error:
[error] Attachments are stored with option ‘database’, but ‘files’ is selected.

@fbartels Now what do I do?
Really made a mess of it…

@wslagendijk that does not sound like you followed the instructions on switching the attachment backend until the end.

right, missed the part of start once with “–ignore-attachment-storage-conflict”. tnx