Kopano/Postfix incoming OK / outgoing stucks

  • Hi,
    I have installed Kopano-Core, Kopano-Webapp and postfix. Postfix is configured as Internet with Smarthost.
    I can send and receive E-mail over console with standard mail client.
    Kopano Webapp is running and I can log in a user. The user is also able to receive E-Mails from extern.
    The mails are in the Inbox of the Webapp. But when I will send a E-Mail they were only put into the Outbox.
    I set the log level of dagent and server to 6 (debug) but I cant see any reaction when I send a mail.
    After some minutes the log of dagent says: Push data
    StatsClient submit int failed: No such file or directory
    What does this message mean?

  • Hello @Michael65589,

    the sending part is provided by kopano-spooler (and after that dagent will deliver), i advise to check this log and cfg.
    The basic config from postfix should be ok if you can receive mails (and send from console), and outgoing mails aren’t even getting this far (otherwise they should be gone in outbox).
    I dont know this error from dagent, but i think someone else can help you with that (i bet this is a permission problem on some dirs). - for better help please provide kopano-server version, webapp-version and your system.


  • Yes, I was the spooler.
    The spooler wasn’t started.

    Many Thanks