Update WebApp translations (italian)

I finished the Italian translation as best as I could for all parts. It is a bit difficult because a lot of the sentences are out of context and they will need to be doublechecked in the actual application. In any case, they are all now in for Italian as far as I can tell.

Other topic. I noticed that there are quite a few spelling checkers now for webapp.

Last time I checked, though, I couldn’t see one for Italian.

Not sure what’s involved in producing one or how easy that is. I looked at the source code of a couple of languages and they did look different, therefore I suspect it isn’t a 5 minutes job… And I am sure it would be prioritised (rightly so) by customer based.


Thanks, no idea where to find a dictionary though… I have one at home, but it’s printed and weights 2kg…


That’s great! Also if I remember correctly webaccess did have the spell check for Italian, not sure what dictionary that one was using?

No idea long time ago :smile:
Btw, you can always use the build in browser spellchecker in WebApp
and soon in DeskApp as well: https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KD-22

Spellchecker plugin needs to be disabled in order to use that.
Can’t be both at the same time.

Thanks, I will have a look.

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