Mail Folder with Sub Folder dont shown in Thunderbird (only Level)

Hi folks,

i have created successfully with kopano webapp in my inbox a folder with sub folders.
This works as expected.
But in Thunderbird i see only the inbox with the first level of folders, no sub folders of that.
And - of course, i have already tried to subscribe the sub folder(s) with TB - but there is’nt one.
Also remove the hole account from Thunderbird an recreate - no succsess.
-> 1. Folder -> seen in Thunderbird
-> Subfolder of “1. Folder” -> not seen in Thunderbird.

Hopfully i have described it right and you can help me.

Best regards from HH, germany


additional Info :
I have tried it now with outlook 2016 - same result.


Is it just this one account or every account?

I have - at this test stage - only one account created.


@jn some version information would be nice. Which distribution are you using and which version of Kopano Core? Official packages or self compiled?


Latest official ISO (downloaded last week ) and everything else via ucs app center.
No manual packages.


@jn UCS 4.1 or 4.2? Please post specific version numbers and not “i downloaded what was there”.

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