[warning] K-1515: Object not found unknown user

Hi Forum,

we are getting a lot of “[warning] K-1515: Object not found unknown user” messages in server.log.
Kopano-admin -L gives a list of all groups and the defined “user” is listed there.

Groups are often used for sending distributed mails to a group of users.
I cant find a jira ticket or a forum post with K-1515 errors.

i dont think this error should come up if the group is known to kopano. Can you implement in the next version that kopano is checking groups aswell not just users?


Our logs are flushed with these warnings as well. But i don’t know what these messages are meaning.

K-1515: Object not found unknown user "user@domain.com": user@domain.com not found in LDAP

I just replaced the mail adresses but this user is used in kopano and present in Active Directory…


Hello @darootler,

if this user is a real user, try:

kopano-admin --sync

if this user is a group like my problem, you’ll need to wait for kopano update. - But i dont know if/when they implement to check for users AND groups


Use log_level = 0x200006 to get all the LDAP queries emitted into the log. You can then rerun the LDAP query with something like ldapsearch and see where/why it does not find the particular user.