• Is there an option to change the resolution inside of Deskapp?

    Webapp has a good size in the browser, but inside of Deskapp there seams to be a resolution of 800 x 600 which becomes unclear and the items are at 12-14pt size.

  • I use DeskApp all the time, and have no such problem. Have you tried to “zoom”, use the key-combo “ctrl-+” or “ctrl–”, or hold down ctrl and use your mousewheel to zoom up/down.

  • thx, that helps at the moment.

    On default the zoom is 120%, but the changes are not saved for the next program start. Is it necessary to change the zoom every time or is there any option for this?

  • My Deskapp keeps the resolution between restarts, so there is something wrong with your setup. Have you tried to “clear the cache” in your Deskapp? It’s one of the options when you right-click on the deskapp-icon in your task-bar.

  • I found the problem in the kopano.ini there was a high resolution and the force options set.

    solved thx