Newbie questions concerning limitation of community edition

Hi folks,
first I would like to say, that I am very new to Kopano. I have installed the community edition of Kopano - Core and Webapp (

Although I have read lots of articles about subscription and which differences there are in for subsrciption users to community users, I am unsure if i understood.

Is the following correct?

If I use the community edition, there is no support,
…you can use the community edition for unlimited Kopano-users
…you can not use the repositories, which will make the installation and upgrading easier,
…you are using some kind of bleeding edge kopano

Thanks in advance!

Yes, that sounds about right. Support is only on a community base and without any guarantee or sla. Software as downloadable from our servers are nightly releases, but we are also working with various distributions to get stable releases included into their repositories.