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  • I’m running Centos 7.4 with EPEL repo, and Kopano community.
    Epel repo has a newer xapian library (1.2.22) than what comes with Kopano, and I’m getting tired of having to exclude xapian when running yum update.

    Are there any plans to update to the latest xapian version for Kopano? -Or is it an option to remove xapian 1.2.21 and install from epel repo?

  • Kopano

    Hi @spiff ,

    we do not support the use of epel on systems running kopano core.

  • Removing EPEL repository is not an option for me as I need some of the features that repository offers.
    For those interested, I added “exclude=*xapian*” to my /etc/yum.conf file to get around this.

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