Kopano-dagent and kopano-spooler upgrade issue

So I found an issue upgrading kopano-dagent and spooler when the /var/lib/kopano directory is mounted Read-Only…

I have a backup Kopano server when which is ready to go as a hot-standby. But to make sure to be sure that it doesn’t mess with the attachments directory.

Anyway, during the upgrade/install of the dagent and spooler, the packages try to unpack something to a temp directory underneath /var/lib/kopano.

Would it be possible/advisable to move that to the /tmp directory??


Hi @robertwbrandt ,

yes the packages are putting the dagent plugins into this directory. I’d recommend only to mount those directories if you really need them (instead of mounting them read-only).

Yeah we should move plugins to /usr and /etc respectively.