Unable to see the real address behind a html-link in email.

  • When I get an html email (most these days are) with a link inside, hovering over that link with my mouse-cursor in DeskApp, will only produce a “This external link will open in a new window”. If I use webapp (with Firefox), opening the same mail will also produce the same message, but at the same time it will show in my bottom left corner of Firefox the real target url, which is nice, this way it is possible to find out before that the link is just a malicious ransomware hosted in some dodgy webserver.

    Is it possible in DeskApp, to have either the url show when hover over a link, alongside with the message “this external link will open in a new window”?

    Or maybe add a third option when you right-click on a link, showing the real url, today right-click will only produce “save link” and " copy link address".

    Yes, I know it’s possible to right-click, choose copy-link, and then paste that into something and inspect it, but that isn’t very user friendly.

  • Kopano

    Hi Klausade,

    A while back I’ve created this ticket:

    This should be covering your request.
    Let me know if something is missing.

  • That is spot on! Exactly what I meant.

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