kopano-migration-pst to public folder

  • This is probably a question I should direct to @fbartels ?

    Is there a way to import PST files to public folder? I have many users that have kept archives of sent mails accounting to many gigabytes and importing that stuff into their accounts will dump thousands of old mails into their current ‘sent’ folder. This would also render the quota unusable because most my users would hit that limit half way pst import…
    One solution I thought was to create archives in the public folders but kopano-migration-pst does not provide a way to import to public store. That is if Im reading the --folder option correctly as to provide the root within the pst file to import from. Would running an archive server provide a solution here? as far as I understand its operation it’s all transparant to the user, meaning that they will also have a gigantic sent items folder containing 10+ years of sent mails, but only stored on different storage?


  • @tbone

    Hi I think you may import the PST to an temp user and then unhook the store and use --copyto-public to copy the orphaned store to public


  • Kopano

    @externa1 i have to disagree.

    There is an example how to import to the public store in the man page.

  • @fbartels

    Thanks Felix you’re right as always :)

    there is a switch for kopano-migration-pst to import pst directly to public store

    –store, -S GUID
    GUID of store where to import specified PST file (or “public” to import to public store).


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