How to properly set the define('BACKEND_PROVIDER', '') for kopano only backend?

  • Hi.
    I noticed that the setting for the backend data provider in /usr/share/z-push/config.php is empty:

    define(‘BACKEND_PROVIDER’, ‘’);

    I was wondering what value to use if i want using Kopano only backend?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Kopano

    Hello @mapo,

    if no backend provider is specified z-push will automatically choose one from the installed backends, so if you only install the kopano backend you are safe with just leaving this empty.

  • Kopano

    Hello mapo,

    as Felix already wrote, you can leave the BACKEND_PROVIDER setting empty. You only need to install Kopano backend.

    Even if you install other backends next to the kopano, Z-Push will choose the kopano backend first.


  • Thanks for your quick reply, @fbartels.

    Yes, I only installed the Kopano backend and everything works fine (syncing with Lumia, iPhone and Android phones) but i wasn’t sure if z-push is communicating with backend in the proper way with than value empty.

    Thank You again.

  • Also, thanks to you @manfred, Thanks for explanation. (It’s the only (i think) section in config.php file that isn’t documented at all in comments.)

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