How to properly set the define('BACKEND_PROVIDER', '') for kopano only backend?

I noticed that the setting for the backend data provider in /usr/share/z-push/config.php is empty:

define(‘BACKEND_PROVIDER’, ‘’);

I was wondering what value to use if i want using Kopano only backend?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @mapo,

if no backend provider is specified z-push will automatically choose one from the installed backends, so if you only install the kopano backend you are safe with just leaving this empty.

Hello mapo,

as Felix already wrote, you can leave the BACKEND_PROVIDER setting empty. You only need to install Kopano backend.

Even if you install other backends next to the kopano, Z-Push will choose the kopano backend first.


Thanks for your quick reply, @fbartels.

Yes, I only installed the Kopano backend and everything works fine (syncing with Lumia, iPhone and Android phones) but i wasn’t sure if z-push is communicating with backend in the proper way with than value empty.

Thank You again.

Also, thanks to you @manfred, Thanks for explanation. (It’s the only (i think) section in config.php file that isn’t documented at all in comments.)